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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I don't mean to be THAT mom, but....

I have no choice.

I feel silly when I need a detailed description of what to expect for the cookie decorating celebration at school on Halloween.

I mean...there's a HUGE difference between a frosted sugar cookie decorated like a spider with licorice legs and Red Hots for eyes...and...a sugar cookie decorated with licorice legs and Red Hots using frosting dabs as "glue".

I'm not crazy, right?  There's a difference?

She'll need her own little thing of frosting...if everyone has a regular cookie, and they're dipping their knives in the frosting, then the whole container will be contaminated.  What color would you guess?  I'm thinking chocolate for spider-effect.  

I found some gluten free licorice.  Let's pray it can be delivered in time.  (Did you know that all licorice-ish stuff contains wheat?  I know.  Crazy.)

But BEFORE the spider cookies on Halloween, next week is pumpkin week.

We'll need some gluten free pumpkin pie and a gluten free pumpkin cookie.

How 'bout them carbs?

This is why I've got a fresh batch of gluten-free sugar cookie dough in the freezer...

Ready, Set, Go.

Let the games begin.

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  1. i bet looking for gluten free takes food awareness to the whole next level! jules

  2. you are definitely a rock star my friend! I hope she has a fantastic time at the halloween fun days at school. :o)

  3. You cracked me up with the "How 'bout them carbs?". Go super mama!!!! I love that all the "D" moms (& GF moms!) work hard to ensure their kids get to enjoy the holidays. Bet those cookies will be DELICIOUS!!! :)

  4. oh man Wendy you are so incredible, I bet everybody appreciates you being in their child's class :) I'd love for you to be "that" mom in E's class :)


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