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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mountain Climbing in a Canoe

While out of town, Jason, Spice, and I were able to leave the little ones behind to climb the Chirico Trail at Tiger Mountain with Jason's brother, Nick.

It was the day after my sister-in-law's wedding, and the weather was PERFECT.

It was also the weekend of the Virtual 5k to benefit JDRF, and I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in my 5k to participate.  This turned out to be the perfect solution!!

As we set off, I was excited to reach our destination....

About 30 minutes in, however, I was pretty sure I was in over my head.  The trail was a steep vertical incline, and I was seriously reconsidering the decision to make it to the top. Spice and Nick had gone ahead, while Jason and I plugged along.  Well, let's be honest here...Jason was trekking strong, and *I* was plugging.

Moment of Digression:

During the wedding ceremony the day before, the minister talked about marriage being like a canoe.  He gave the analogy that before marriage, each person is paddling along moving in the direction they want for themselves.  After marriage, however, a couple must learn how to work together to move in the same direction.  You can't paddle in different directions and expect to get anywhere.

ANYWAY, so as Jason was trekking, and I was plugging, he assured me that he wouldn't leave me behind.  I was really doubting my ability to keep going, but he kept pushing me the entire way.  At one point, he brought up the canoe analogy...and I told him that I was sorry, but my half of the canoe was sinking.

He was right there, though.  Encouraging me.  Pushing me.  He even found me a walking stick.

Two hours up and 1 hour down.

We did it.

And our canoe survived intact :)

We had to take a picture of the stream.
All the riverbeds where we live are dry!

We were high enough to fly...

While at the top, we were privileged to witness something amazing.
There was a grandmother preparing to take a tandem paragliding flight.
She must have been in her 80's, and had been driven to the top.
It took some time to get her into her gear, and ready to go.
 But when they took off, everyone on that mountaintop erupted into cheers.
It was absolutely awesome!!!!

My canoe mate and I...

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  1. My feet hurt just looking at the pics! :)

    Looks gorgeous up there, and what a cool story about the grandmother, I hope to be that fearless someday!!!

  2. AWESOME! loved it, loved the pictures, loved the analogy!
    of course you made it, don't sell yourself short!

  3. Awesome! The view is beautiful, not that I wanna try do do it. I'll leave that craziness to you :)

  4. what an amazing story!! How awesome is that canoe analogy!! I LOVE IT!!
    ps is anyone else having trouble posting from there gmail account. It isnt letting me :(

  5. You make me smile. What a wonderful boat partner you have! You two are an incredible team Wendy. AND...I am with Sculls...of course you made it. DUH!!! You are amazing.

  6. That is a gorgeous area!! What a great experience for you and your hubby.

  7. This is so very sweet. LOVE the pic of you two at the top!

  8. Way to go. My wife and I once took our dogs on a short 1 mile hike once that turned into a 3 mile rain soaked trail hike. We did it together and had a blast.

  9. Woo-To-The-Hoo to my go get'em girl!

    The photos are fantastic. Definetely worth the hike I hope ;)

  10. Such an awesome hubby you have, well I don't have to tell you that! :)


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