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Friday, July 1, 2011

JDRF Advocacy - Where To Start?

Hallie is a JDRF advocacy rockstar!  She has an amazing passion, drive, and commitment for increasing diabetes research and funding.  Not only that, however, she has been one of my BFF BlogBuddies for quite sometime.  It's been a joy to share this journey with her...and I'm excited about what the future holds!

Hello!  Before I begin, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Wendy for allowing me to share with you something that I am most passionate about...

My name is Hallie.  In case you don't know me, I blog over at The Princess and The Pump!  Here is a picture of me, my husband J, and our daughter, Sweetpea.  She is 5 years old.  She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 2009.   

She is the reason that I'm an advocate for JDRF.

And she's the reason why I want YOU to become an advocate, too!

Now, please don't be overwhelmed by the term "advocate".  All it is, is someone who cares about Type 1 Diabetes and wants to make their voice heard.

JDRF has a nationwide network of advocates who are working together to advance the search for a cure faster and more effectively.  Our strength is in our numbers, our ability to tell our stories, and our ability to build relationships with each other and our members of Congress.

Being an advocate is as easy as making a phone call, sending an email, or attending a meeting!

No one will flood your inbox with emails, show up at your door, or call you every night!  I PROMISE!

Register TODAY!  It's easy.  Text ACTION to 37420.  OR  click HERE to register online.

Once registered, you can take action in a few different ways.

You can: 
Speaking of Children's Congress, this year's event will take place in Washington, D.C. on June 20-22.  JDRF International Chairman Mary Tyler Moore and over a hundred children with type 1 diabetes from around the country will be meeting with Congress to help them understand what life is like for those of us living with type 1 day in and day out and explaining why research is critical to finding a cure!

This year, you have the opportunity watch some of the activities our delegates will be participating in, LIVE on the JDRF Advocacy Ustream channel!  You can watch the Opening Dinner! This is where the delegates will introduce themselves and their state.  You'll also hear from CEO and President Jeffrey Brewer!  You can also watch the Role Model in Diabetes Town Hall!  There are some wonderful celebrities lined up to share their inspirational stories of how they live with diabetes and how they have overcome challenges!  To find out just WHO the celebrities are, you'll have to stay tuned to the JDRF Advocacy blog for updates!

So come on!  What are you waiting for?!? 

Never doubt that one voice can make a difference!

So there you have it!  Jump in and let's do this thang!

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  1. "Our strength is in our numbers, our ability to tell our stories, and our ability to build relationships with each other and our members of Congress."

    Ah ... well that's all good. The problem I have with the JDRF is they only stories anyone wants to hear are about parents and their little boys and girls with diabetes. No one wants to hear the stories of a 40 something year old man with Type 1 diabets. It just doesn't sell as well.

  2. Hallie, Thank you for all of your hard work advocating for ALL people with Type 1 Diabetes!


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