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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crash and Burn


Vacation is over.

Real life has been laying in wait...and nothing has changed.

There's still 4 baskets of laundry piled in my living room.  Mr. Rose still has to get up before dawn to drive an hour to work, the girls are still bored easily, and the desert heat is still oppressive.  Diabetes is back to it's old antics, the dog still wakes me up but refuses to go outside at 6 am, and I still have no idea what's for dinner.

Reality slapped me hard across the face earlier today.

Before we left town, I joined Stroller Strides to compliment this round of Body Back. This morning, I went to a class...and...

I couldn't believe how far backwards I've fallen.

Lifting my weights felt impossible.  I was out of breath before finishing the first lap.  My balance was off, and doing a plank seemed inconceivable.


I wrote that earlier this afternoon.

Tonight I headed out to a BodyBack session....The Hill.

Unfortunately, the heat and residual dust in the air from the infamous dust cloud yesterday made things really difficult.  I'm feeling better overall as I type this.  I'm still in the back of the pack...but, overall, I felt okay about my second workout today.

And, with that, today's NaBloPoMo post is complete.

So GOODNIGHT!  I'll start fresh tomorrow.

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  1. You'll get it back Wendy. Chin up. You will get it back quickly. You have grit. xo

  2. Holy Crap!! Two a days?? Your kicking butt girl.

  3. It's it irritating how FAST you lose it? When it takes so hard to gain that strenght?!? If only losing weight worked the same....

    You'll rock it! Proud of you!

  4. Hey, you're still workin' it! I'd say that's success!

  5. Good for you for sticking to it...and for going to a second class in the same day! You ROCK!

  6. I saw pictures of that dust storm--kinda scary! I hate how easy it is to get out of shape or lose your mojo (I'm talking about me here, not you!)...I swear even a few days off makes a difference. Good job for getting back in there!

  7. You're going in the right direction! Don't get discouraged. One day at a time. : )

  8. Don't worry, the laundry will multiply whether you are washing it or not. I think its sperm is waterproof. ; ) haha!
    You are totally amazing for already getting back to BodyBack! (back of the pack or not!!)


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