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Friday, July 8, 2011


I had a dream.

In my dream, everyone had type 1 diabetes...except it wasn't called type 1 diabetes, because no one produced insulin.  Yup.  Type 1 simply didn't exist.

I don't really remember anything else from that dream, but it definitely got me thinking.

What would the world be like if no one's pancreas produced insulin?

During pregnancy, deciding to use a pump or shots would be like deciding to breastfeed, immunize, or use cloth diapers.

Dental and vision care would be as important as health care, and no one would be denied access to insurance.

There would be drink fountains everywhere...side by side -- a water fountain and a juice fountain.

On restaurant tables, you'd find a sharps container next to the salt and pepper shakers.

You know those "call boxes" found on the sides of desolate highways?  There would be glucagon boxes attached to them.

Test strips would be inexpensive and thrown in the cart with the paper towels and toilet they'd go on sale.

Every food item on every shelf everywhere would be labeled with a carb count.

Scales to measure portion sizes would be built into counter tops.

Schools would teach Diabetes Management alongside reading, writing, and arithmetic.  There would be group testing times scheduled into the day.

Movie theaters would serve up perfectly measured scoops of popcorn, and you'd buy according to the number of carbs you wanted, instead of the size of bag.

A diet rich in fruits and veggies and limited sweets wouldn't be considered a "diabetic diet".

Gym equipment would have some sort of glucose reading device attached to them.  Much like the heart rate monitors that exist now.

How else would that world look?

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  1. CGM's would be a fashion accessory, instead of necklaces and bracelets.

  2. What a world would that would be! Could you imagine the produce, every apple, orange and banana would not only have a UPC sticker but also a carb count sticker. Oh and the pasta would actually have a carb count for cooked pasta not dry pasta, who the heck eats dry pasta anyways!!!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful world it would be!
    No one would look at a sensor, site, or pod and wonder what it is.
    Everyone would enjoy a perfectly portioned and carb counted slice of cake at birthday parties, without the looks of disapproval!

  4. We would have a community of Dmamas right next door! I guess we would just be called mamas huh?

    Love it.

  5. And my favorite mamas would live right next door!

    Love i.t.

  6. Ha!!!! The equality of it all would be pure freedom b/c I would not recognize the have's vs. the have nots in the situation. What a wonderful world indeed.

  7. When I awake from a dream like that I close my eyes really tight and try to go back to sleep...back to that dream!

  8. This brings tears to my eyes. That would be a very sweet world!

    You would toys at Trick or Treat because candy would be considered medicine.
    School supply lists would incude glucose tabs and juice boxes.
    And an artificial pancreas would already exist.

  9. I love would be one sweet world! I wish I would have dreams like that!

  10. Wow! To think of a world like that...where everyone REALLY "gets it"...that would be incredible!!!!

  11. You had me at "Test strips go on sale".

    The juice fountain sounds awesome and life would be much improved without all those D-Police comments! :)

    LOVED this post!!!


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