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Friday, April 22, 2011

BodyBack Workout: Week 1 Review

There's a song of sorts playing, but I'm trying to do a sit up and it's hard to hear when you're holding your breath while praying that you'll be able to get your head off the ground.

A 10 pound weight in each hand...sit up...punch side to side -- BOOM it again...faster...again...

"You will NOT take her childhood."  


"You will NOT take her eyesight." 


"You will NOT take her kidneys."


"THE BUCK STOPS HERE, YOU CRAZY DISEASE!  I am fat.  I am tired.  I am cranky.  And you are DONE robbing my sanity."


..........And so Week 2 has begun..........

Week 1 brought a 3 pound weight loss.  A far cry from my ultimate goal, but a loss nonetheless.  If I manage to lose 3 pounds a week for the entire 8 weeks, I'll be half way there.  Listen up:  I'm trying hard too be a visionary here, people.  (As such, I won't mention the wagon I fell off of yesterday.  It wasn't pretty.)

Week 1 brought strength.  Honestly, I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't living inside this body of mine. My workouts feel stronger, and, while I'm still struggling significantly with push ups, I just feel like my overall endurance has improved.

Week 1 brought new food choices.  My sweet tooth is killing me.  I'd be lying if I told you that I haven't succumbed to it a time or two...or three.  (See also: Yesterday's Wagon.)  That being said, I have been making better dietary selections overall.  In the process, I've actually discovered a few new foodie favs:

1 Protein Muffin served alongside Mangoes with Cinnamon

  • Protein Muffins.  These have actually been a low carb fav around here for awhile.  I've been rediscovering them over the past week.  Mix up 6 eggs with a few splashes of milk.  Add whatever mix-ins your Candy Heart desires:  sprinkle of cheese, ham, salsa, chopped veggies, whatever.  Spray 6 muffin tins with non-stick spray and divide up the egg mixture.  Bake at 375 for 30 - 40 minutes.  
  • Mangoes with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  I realize that there's a rumor circulating suggesting cinnamon can cure diabetes.  While that's a load of bull-honky, there IS some preliminary research suggesting that it MIGHT be helpful in managing Type 2 Diabetes.  One morning, I was dishing up some mangoes from our produce basket, and decided to sprinkle some cinnamon over top, just for the fun of it.  1)  She/we loved it.  2)  Her numbers were beautiful all day.  (Yes, I realize that she has Type 1 and not Type 2, but just go with it.)  At any rate, I tried my little experiment again the next day, and her numbers weren't nearly as nice.  So, whatever.  In the process, I discovered that cinnamon sprinkled over mangoes is delicious. 
  • Salad everyday.  I've pretty much fallen into a habit of eating a salad everyday for lunch.  Getting 9 heads of romaine in our produce basket last week might have something to do with it.  At any rate, I'm dishing up lots of lettuce and chopped veggies topped with kidney beans or grilled chicken and smothered in salsa. Love it.  Loved it before it more now.
  • Frozen banana topped with 1 (ehum, heaping) teaspoon of Sunbutter.  I'm saving the best for last.  This has become my most favorite thing to eat on the face of the earth.  I love it like ice cream.  I have even sprinkled a few almonds on top and called it a banana split.  Love.  Love.  Love.  If there was a like button for a "frozen banana with Sunbutter", I would click it a million times.  There's something about the frozen texture of a banana and the way the spread freezes just a tad before melting in your mouth.  Bliss. 

So, there you have it!  I'm off to enjoy a long weekend of family fun and celebration of Jesus Christ!  Be sure to pop in sometime tomorrow to check out a very cool Easter cookie activity that you'll want to share with your family before bed.  Trust's worth it.  AND they're not too terribly bad on the calories either :)

Body Back® is the newest program release from Stroller Strides’ founder Lisa Druxman. Body Back is a results based workout program for moms of any age. Inspired by the Mama Wants Her Body BackDVD series, it offers high intensity, interval workouts along with before and after fitness assessments, a nutrition plan, coaching and support in a motivating and inspirational program. The workouts have been clinically proven in a University research study to help moms lose the weight and get their pre-baby body back. Moms all over the country are achieving results that they never dreamed possible. 100% of the weight lost was pure body fat!  You will see that anything is possible!

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  1. You are doing SO GREAT!! Keep up all your hard work and it will pay off. I am going to try the egg with laughing cow today. I had a major craving for egg salad the other day and was bummed to have my eggs all ready and no mayo...I do have laughing cow! Great post update.

  2. I am so inspired, Wendy! I have yet to get back to a regular excercise program (since Ellie's diagnosis) and yur bit about smack-talking 'D' when you come up for a punch is pure brilliance!!!! Seriously. I think yuo need to make a D-Mom workout video. hehehehe

    And, frozen banana with sunbutter is as good as ice cream? I think you seweated out too many brain cells ;) I will try the mango with cinammon thingy, though. Sounds delish.

    I am so proud of you, mama. And 3 pounds is AWSCHUM!!!!!!! Woo-to-the-Hoo!!!!!

  3. Way to go Mama!!!! So proud of you! My biggest issue has been not being able to afford what I need to eat all month...since I HAVE to share with the kids~! lol

  4. Love it!
    Those egg muffins look super yummy...going to have to try those!
    Keep up the awesome work!!

  5. Awesome job, Wendy! I'm gonna have to try those egg muffins. They sound awesome! It's amazing what a great workout you can get while yelling at D, isn't it? Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. I'm happy for you Wendy!

    Have a wonderful Easter! : )

  7. Good for you! and it only gets easier!
    who cares about push ups anyway?
    I'm looking forward to hearing more good news as the weeks go by.
    and that egg/muffin/thing? holy crap! I don't have eggs in my house otherwise I'd have a whole tray of them by now. sounds so good

  8. You are my hero!! I'm sweating just hearing about BodyBack. I had never heard of the sunbutter, I'm going to try it since I have several nephews with peanut allergies. And the egg muffins look yummy too!

  9. You go, girl!!!! Pretty soon, I'm not going to recognize you! :)

    We love protein muffins too...only we call them mini frittatas. No matter what you call them, they're delicious!

  10. Hi, Wendy ~
    I happily discovered your blog when you mentioned SunButter. Since I blog for SunButter, I'm always looking for ideas and recipes. I 'like' it on banana, too, but love the frozen idea. (Although my personal fav "recipe" is by the spoonful.) Looking forward to following your inspirational posts. Take care.


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