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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bolus This

Last week, Sugar came home with an invitation to a birthday party.

No biggie.  We have birthday parties down pat these days -- Gluten?  Excess sugar?

We got this.

The twist on this particular party is that it was scheduled for a Monday after school.  The timing kind of throws a wrench into homework, dinner, and all that stuff, but oh well. Mondays are blah anyway.  We could all use a Monday afternoon party now and then, right?

So, I picked up the girls from school...ran home to have everyone go to the bathroom...grabbed the present and loaded the car.  We were off for a fun afternoon!

When I walked in, I blinked a few times to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.

This was an after school party being hosted in the lounge of an apartment complex...scheduled a couple hours before dinner on a school night.  I was anticipating birthday cake, but figured that would be about it.

Boy was I wrong...

Pizza (wasn't on the invite, so I didn't know there would be pizza - hence, I didn't have a GF substitute on hand)
Chips (many varieties)
Sheet cake
Cookie cake
Random piles of candy bars everywhere
Open jars of candy all over -- gumballs, sweet tarts, you name it.
Regular cans of soda -- only beverage option (There wasn't even access to water!)


A fruit tray -- especially for Sugar.  (How considerate!)


Deep breath.

Check blood sugar -- 342.


"Sugar, did you have an afternoon snack at school?"

Same birthday girl.

A birthday cupcake at THIS birthday party at 3:30.

I bolused.

Then I bolused some more.

In all, I estimated 150 carbs (mainly because the ORANGE SODA was 50 all on it's own.)

Oh, and there was a pool.  I didn't know about the pool.  Normally, I'd balk at a pool party, but on this occasion, I would have loved to have thrown her in the pool to burn some sugar.

But, yeah, I didn't know about the pool -- because it wasn't on the invitation.  So we didn't have pool stuff.

In the end, I had to round up 3 crying kids high on a sugar overdose, because they couldn't go swimming.

I drove home trying to process the amount of carbs I had entered into the pump.  I was doing a play by play in my mind...flashbacks of the Snickers bar and trying to remember if I counted the right number of gumballs she was popping.  Oh, yeah...and that ORANGE SODA!!!!

I went over it time and again.  I felt pretty confident that I had gotten it right.


Wrangle the girls into their respective showers.

FACEBOOK UPDATE -- because I couldn't believe what had just happened.

"MOM!  I feel dizzy."

150 with 1.5u active insulin on board (IOB).

Pack of fruit snacks...more sugar, only this time in the shower!

Pump off for 30 minutes.

Two hours later -- 182.

Looks like we made it.

Oh, and by the way...she had 2 or 3 grapes from her dedicated fruit tray.

It's all about balance, people.
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  1. sounds like an amazing party!! and I would have just turned around and ran the other way!! But not the rock star that you are.

    You rocked it, great get'Em next time!!

  2. Holy toledo! I have no words. Amazing. Way to go!

    (but the absurdity of the whole bday thing - nuts).

  3. WOW!!!! Can't say I've ever had to experience that kind of excess with either of my girls...fortunately! Sounds like you managed amazingly well, despite the craziness! I always 2nd guess myself when I try to carb count "on the fly" like that@

  4. I agree with Nicole, I would have wanted to turn and leave. You're a diabetic mom hero!!!!!

  5. She thought of a fruit tray, but for got diet soda or water and also forgot to mention to bring your swim suit.


    Love the "balance" by the way :)

  6. URGHHH. That is definitely OVER-KILL on the Birthday, but I am bowing down to you Mama Pancreas. You rocked it ... AND... I love that you "rolled" with it.

    Bummer on the Pool :(

  7. That is crazy!!! I probably would have started crying and took Willie home. I'm sooo not strong in those situations.

    Perspective is an interesting thing. If it had been one of my non-d boys, I would have laughed a jolly laugh and said "Have at it!" What fun! What joy! Sometime, somehow I want to be able to feel that way for Willie. Someday!

    Way to keep going and make it an enjoyable day for your sweet daughter. She is, after all, what it's all about! :)

  8. Sounds like the party we attended two days before Jack was diagnosed, the one we now call "a blessing in disguise," because all the carbs made his D symptoms so obvious.

    How could the host/hostess forget all those details????

    Balance, now that's a good way of looking at it. Stress would be my reaction. You are a stronger D mama than I! :)

  9. Good hell - that wasn't a party - it was a sugar orgy! Seriously - I would have been so freaked. You handled it with style as usual. Way to go Super D Mama!!

    Ummm and thanks for the fruit tray. WTH??? People are so ridiculous.

    I'm trusting said mom does not read her some Candy Hearts!! :)

  10. ahahaha. had to laugh at the insanity!

    "In the end, I had to round up 3 crying kids high on a sugar overdose, because they couldn't go swimming."

    I have been here many a times and cried myself when I got home. lol. That was before diabetes too. Sounds like you did great!

  11. Regular soda is a bolus no no, no go here! You did great in the end despite it, that was brave :) Thank goodness for IOB!

  12. WOW. I just read this with my jaw dropped down to the floor! we are still on MDI and I have NO CLUE how i would have handled that situation! the brain hurts just thinking about it!
    Way to go girl. you rock!

  13. Holy Crap. That is INSANE! What kind of party was that?!? I think I would have walked around with my mouth hitting the floor. I don't really even have words for that...

  14. Oh my goodness! That is crazy! : O You apparently handled it very well-I would have probably insisted on water with all that sugar (and my daughter would've been embarrassed!). Umm..why didn't they let you in on the pool info?
    Yay, balance ; )

  15. Oh my gosh! You are my hero! I would have just faked a tummy ache and left! Good for you!!


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