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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Playlist Verdict

Thanks for participating in my little blog poll :)  I really do appreciate the feedback!!!!

I love music.  I am connected to music in very personal way.  I have always been able to pour out my heart when listening to a song with lyrics that move me.  Sometimes a song will speak to my heart and I listen to it over and over again, because it evokes an emotion I've had trouble expressing.

At the same time, however, I love reading blogs!  I began struggling when trying to catch up with everyone, because I'd have multiple windows open and the songs would start to play over each other.  They'd all blur together, so I'd end up turning off the volume altogether.  But...then if I wanted to watch a video...I'd have to go find each source of sound so I could mute them individually, before going back to watch it.

Then, one day, Mr. Rose told me my playlist was bugging him for the exact same reason.  (Love that man for his honesty!)  That's when I decided to take it down.

But I've missed my music!

So, I've come to a solution.

Candy Hearts will have a playlist!  I actually have several of I can't always guarantee the music will be the same...and I like to find/add new stuff, so you never know what you'll find :)  **BUT** you'll have to push play if you'd like to listen to it.  If, however, there's a song that applies specifically to a post I'm writing, I will embed it within the post itself.  You'll still have the option to play it...just take note that, if you see it in the body of a post, it's something I'd really like you to hear.

Thanks for showing me the love!

Now start jammin'!!!

Or not.

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  1. Thanks for posting the poll Wendy. I was struggling with the same dilemma and came to the same conclusion after following your poll. Hadn't thought about posting it with a post though. Good idea. :)

  2. Thanks for the option of not listening. It's not that I don't like music. I love music and it fuels my soul and you DOC mamas pick amazing songs to put on your play lists. It's that I usually get time to read blogs when I have just put David down for a nap or bed or am nursing him to sleep and the music wakes him up. I forget to turn the volume on my computer down or off until I hear the music playing and then it's usually too late. I love your blog Wendy! Keep up the great work!

  3. Jason HATES my playlist! But I always have to find the right song to go with my blog! I like it. It works for me. But honestly... I prefer to read in silence!

  4. Teach me how to do that!!!! I love hearing the music too....but I have the same problems that you described above. Love your solution!!

  5. Great solution Wendy! I am an you most likely can tell by my blog. I am horrible at reading AND listening to music.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  6. I can't play them because they wake the kiddos...but I love music so if I had the abilities to rock out during their naptime (my computer time) I'd love it even more!

  7. Great solution. I have to admit I prefer to read in silence and get frustrated trying to scroll down trying to find the list to turn it off.

    I love music too just not while reading. :)

    Thanks for giving us the option. Very considerate blogger you are!!

  8. I just think you are awesome and every blog you post music or not will be wonderful. But thanks for making optional. love Ya

  9. Thanks - I appreciate the option! Good solution!


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