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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Morning Announcements

Good morning, Class, and welcome to Spirit Week!

Today's morning announcements will focus on some very cool happenings
around the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) Blogosphere!

Over at Pumpsley and Me, you'll find an awesome prize pack for this week's Sugar Bolus.  You'd better hurry up and leave a comment so Rachael can count you in!  Christmas is over, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end!  I mean, come stuff is ALWAYS fun!!!  Sugar Boluses are the gifts that just keep GO GO GO!!!  (Oh, and by the way, Candy Hearts will be hosting the next Sugar Bolus so check back this Friday, because I'm jumping into 2011 with a BANG!)

And, since your in the mood to win free stuff, Alexis is offering a pretty cool give away as well.  I'm REALLY interested in trying these healthy, yummy, kid-friendly, portable, **gluten free** snacks.  Intrigued?  It's worth a minute of your time to check it out!!!!

D-Mom BlogWhoa.  Hold on there, CowBloggers and Rodeo Readers!  I'm not done yet.  Leighann is offering a pretty awesome give away as well.  Anyone who can appreciate a good jolt in the mornings should consider entering over there too!!!!!

Candy Hearts always has your back, my friends!
Moving on...

  Attention DOC BLOGGERS:  It's never too early to start thinking about the next Blogger Basal.  Blogger Basal is a great way to to recap the happenings at some of your favorite blog stops.  **Any** DOC Blogger is welcome to submit a post they've written.  January's Blogger Basal is being hosted by Nicole over at The We CARA Lot Blog...submissions are due by Friday, 1/21/ mark your calendars, and get those blogging juices flowing!  Then e-mail Nicole with a link to your post at

Oh, and have you heard?  The 2010 DOC Award nominees were announced earlier this month.  Candy Hearts is represented in TWO categories!  I'm completely honored, my friends!  Voting ends on Friday, 12/31, and takes place in two parts.  Both categories Candy Hearts represents can be found in Part 1.  CLICK HERE to cast your vote!  Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination...and THANK YOU for supporting Candy Hearts!

 This concludes the announcements for today.
Now get out there and MAKE A GREAT DAY!
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  1. thanks for keeping me up to date with what is happening around the D OC :)

  2. Hi Wendy:
    It's so funny that you just commented on my blog because I was so impressed with the way you created suspense in your last few blog posts. You had me checking in the next day to find out about your mysterious Christmas surprise. So, nice to meet you, too. And, thanks for posting about all the give aways! Amy

  3. Wendy,
    Wow! It's a busy time around the DOC. Thanks for putting it all in one place so everyone knows what a rockin' party it is with us T3's

  4. Thank you for the mention today. I greatly appreciate it :)


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