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Thursday, November 18, 2010

TEN (10!)

Ok, I seriously know you saw that title and thought "OMGsh!!!!  A blood sugar of TEN!!!!"


Not that.

Today, my friend's, Mr. Rose and I have been married for T-E-N years.

Not that I'm a professional or anything, but I wanted to share the top 4 things I've learned about marriage:

1)     It's not easy.  Marriage takes a lot of work.  I don't think I fully realized this when I got married.  I just figured that, since we were in love (sigh...), the rest of life would take care of itself.  Nope.  Real life pretty much sucks sometimes.

2)     NEWSFLASH:  There are somethings that aren't going to change and you just have to learn to live with them.  I grit my teeth when I'm angry.  He leaves his shoes out and I trip over them every day.  Get over it.  (Grrrrr...)

3)     Marriage isn't about relying on someone else to make you happy.  You're responsible for your own happiness.  Happiness is a choice and being content with the life you have is a state of being.

4)     Marriage is about intentionally putting someone else's needs above your the's not the kid's needs that I'm referring to.  Imagine that...if SHE'S putting him first and HE'S putting her's a WIN-WIN, people!!!  On a side note, I should add that it took awhile before we figured out how to keep diabetes a lower priority than our relationship.  It helped that we both actively pursued the skills necessary to overcome the challenge with our marriage intact -- from a marriage seminar to a small group Bible series focused on marriage to reading books to finding mentors to help us along the way...  hands down, I would say that making it a priority to attend church together every weekend (regardless of how busy our lives are) is the strongest tool in our marital toolbox.

The Wonder Years

PS -- We have special plans to celebrate...

But I'm not telling.

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  1. Happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary!!!!

    May you enjoy 10 more years and 10 more after that and 10 more after that and...!

    Love the photos! Love your top 4 list! Great advice!

    Enjoy your celebration!

  2. Aww...Happy Ten years! Great advice in #4. I definitely need to take it to heart right now. Tough times.

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    Great list!
    Have a wonderful celebration!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! I hope that you have a wonderful Celebration and that it includes a break from the kiddos! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary Wendy.

    My favorite thing that you listed is that we are each responsible for our own happiness in this life. How frickin' true is that?!!! AMEN.

    I cannot wait to hear about how you two love birds celebrated. Much love to you on this special day.

  6. Happy Anniversary Wendy! I like #3 ..that is so true and it is good to get a reminder every now and then!! Have a great celebration!

  7. HAPPY anniversary!
    Great list. #3...SO TRUE!
    I need to make a better effort at #4. Starting now :-)

  8. Happy Anniversary! Have fun celebrating. Love the list, btw.

  9. Happy 10th anniversary! It is so true that it takes a lot of hard work! Not something they mention in fairy tales, but maybe they should! Have a wonderful celebration!

  10. WHAT HOTTIES!!! You guys are so cute! Yay for you! Happy 10th anniversary! I'm super glad that it wasn't a 10 blood sugar!

  11. Love the pics and Happy anniversary :) have a wonderful time celebrating!!

  12. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Celebrate well!!

    Mr. Rose is a lucky, lucky man!

  13. Happy Anniversary! May you have many more fun-filled decades together!

  14. Happy Happy Anniversary Wendy (and Mr. Rose too!) Love your "tips" on marriage, they are really great! We celebrated our 10 year this year also...we also have 3 girls...our oldest is also T1. Maybe that's why I love you so're just like me!! Just kidding! I hope that you celebrate in a very special way!!


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