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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Rest Of The Weekend....

NaBloPoMo Day 4
The number of deaths attributable to diabetes in 2010 shows a 5.5% increase over the estimates for the year 2007. This increase is largely due to a 29% increase in the number of deaths due to diabetes in the North America & Caribbean Region, a 12% increase in the South East Asia Region and an 11% increase in the Western Pacific Region.

Then had a sleepover Saturday night.
Complete with pizza (one GF/one regular)!

And fancy dancy GF waffles for breakfast.
(I'd like to add here that, until Sunday morning, I hadn't ever made waffles before!)

Then it was off to church.
It was "Superhero Weekend" for the kids.
I have an abundance of princess gear.
But not much superhero stuff. case you didn't know...
I realize that some mothers possess uber craft skills and would be able to come up with FOUR super fab superhero get-ups using 
ziplock bags, paper towels, and tinfoil
I'm not one of them.

Oh, but we had Superhero capes.
Yes we did.

Then lunch at the grill and lots of playtime on the grass.

And it was Halloween.

I picked up a few costumes on clearance after Halloween last year.
Five minutes before walking out the door, Tink was all dressed up like Tinkerbell.
And then she decided it was "too itchy".
So she was Dorothy instead. 

Over the summer, we were the recipients of an amazing hand-me-down box.
(Thank you Aunt Doniell!)

Among some other fun things, there were several SUPER beautiful fancy dresses.
Including 2 white gowns.

And so we had one angel....

And a blushing bride...

Numbers were awesome.
Smiles were had.
And, once again, we were reminded that life is good.
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  1. Very cute costumes! And I love your fancy dollop of butter!

  2. Looks like a fantastic weekend Wendy! The girls are too cute and I loved their super hero capes!

  3. Yes, I am doing NaBloPoMo!

    I would tell the students in my group, but there is another diabetic in my group and she just loves going on and on about it. People feel bad for her and I don't want people to feel bad for me. I do the best I can to make sure my blood sugars are under control and its just another thing to my life that I have to handle.

  4. Loved the stinkin' capes, girl. Loved 'em!

    And, uh, I guess I just got busted! ;)

  5. I am now craving waffles. AND your capes and your costumes were beautiful. Sometimes LOVE is more important than craftiness.

  6. I love you superman capes and the girls looked so cute in there Halloween costumes!! Looks like a great rest of the weekend :)

  7. I LOVE the costumes. Looking at your post has now made me hungry too! Glad the rest of your weekend was good. :)


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