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Monday, November 29, 2010

Memory Lane

I've been counting my blessings a lot lately.  Today I've been reminiscing about some of the awesome memories our family has made with other D Families...

Potluck in the Park
Originally posted 4/1/10

These are the faces of Type 1 Diabetes.

The families who live with this disease day in and day out.

It is truly an honor to have connected with so many incredible D Families.   I feel blessed every time I wake up knowing that we're not alone.

Last weekend, our local support group met up at a park for a potluck picnic.  The kids played and laughed...even the dogs had fun!  In true potluck style, there was A LOT of food.  Much of it gluten free, because folks understand...not to mention that 3 celiac families were represented.

We added 5 new handprints. 

Our board is growing.

Happy Birthday West Valley Group
Originally posted 3/17/10

Three years ago, today, 7 local families got together for a potluck picnic in the park.  It was St. Patrick's Day, 2007. There was alot of food, including green cupcakes!  We were there for HOURS - enjoying the company and watching the children form new friendships.  It was the first time I was out with Sugar and did not spend every second worrying when she was out of my sight.  I knew there were lots of folks who would recognize trouble and help her if I was busy with Tiara on the other side of the park.

You see....each of these families are raising a child with diabetes.  Mingled among the bounty, it was perfectly commonplace to hear "How many carbs do you think that is"  or "So-in-so is low" or "Do you need a juice box" or "Do you need to be checked". There were pump parts and syringes out in plain sight, test strips everywhere, and the sound of lancets clicking.  Diet sodas prevailed, older kids pushed the younger ones on the swings, the sun was shining bright, and we stayed until after dark.  It was a fantastic day.

I was 35 weeks pregnant with Tink, Tiara (picture front row, holding sippy cup) was 14 months, and Sugar (picture back row, being held) was 3.  Jason was out of town for the month on a work assignment and Sugar had just started wearing the Cozmo insulin pump a few weeks prior.

At first it was just another mom and me wanting to get together on Spring Break...but then I knew someone else....and she knew someone else....and they knew someone else...and....well...the rest is history.  Today, we have 80+ families on our roster.  We communicate online through a Yahoo Group and try to get together as often as possible.  We never really came up with a snazzy name and, eventually, just evolved into the "West Valley Group".  Alot of our referrals come from doctor's offices and the JDRF...but many also come by word of mouth or simply by stumbling upon our Yahoo Group's intro page.

It doesn't really matter how they find us...what's most important is that folks find friendship and are able to connect with other families who understand the day-to-day challenges that exist when raising a child with diabetes.  Our forum is a place to vent and share experiences as well as an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight from each other.  

Since most of us live in the same region, we stick to planning activities on this side of town.  We've done swim parties, holiday celebrations (complete with Santa!), pizza parties, and LOTS of potlucks (we love potlucks!!!).  We don't have a budget, so we try to keep things as inexpensive or FREE as possible.  

If you live in the Phoenix area, are raising a child with diabetes, and would like to join the fun, you can request and invitation to the West Valley Group HERE.  Please provide your name, your child's name, the date of your child's diagnosis, and the town you live in.


The Gang's All Here
Originally Posted 12/30/09

Megann, Yours Truly, and Tracy

The Gang!

The other day, Tracy and I had the unique opportunity to meet up with fellow blogging pal, Megann from My Life With Diabetes at Peter Piper Pizza for lunch. Megann and her family traveled to the area for Christmas. It was such a special treat to hang out with her family!

It's so funny how there's never a lack of conversation when parents who are raising children with diabetes get together. True to form, we stayed and chatted for HOURS -- there was an instant bond.

Because they get it. And I get it. And that's really all there is to it.

While we chatted, the kids laughed, and played, and ate ice cream.

Eventually it was time to say good-bye. But...not really.

'Cuz we're still all one big happy blogging family :)

Thanks for sharing these happy moments with me.
 I'll be digging through my archives and posting more as I run across them :)

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  1. These are wonderful memories! Definitely something to cherish and most certainly a blessing!

  2. Wow 80+ families - that is so awesome. I want to come and meet all of the West Valley folks!

  3. I think it's amazing that you've made it work with all those family and having get togethers. I also know that it's amazingly helpful to connect and feel like others just get it.
    Thanks for sharing.


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