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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Alexis Asks - Wendy Answers

ALEXIS has a few questions....and when the girl asks, the girl gets....

For informative purposes: 
Sugar is 7 years old.  She was dx with T1D in 2005, at the age of 24 months and Celiac in 2008 at the age of 5 years.  (I also have Celiac.)

When did you guys start pumping?
18 months after dx.  She was on the Cozmo for about 2.5 years and has been wearing the Animas Ping since Summer, 2009.  (Cozmo went out of business.)

What do you use to change sites? Whats your "process"?
We use ReliaMed Protective Barrier Wipes because that's what our insurance pays for.  

1)  Prepare pump
2)  Prep area with ReliaMed wipe.
3)  Insert Animas Inset
4)  Connect pump and "fill cannula"
5)  **TRY** to remember to pull out old site -- sometimes that doesn't happen.  It's quite a hoot when her backside has 1 on each cheek....kind of like an extra set of eyes....

How often do you check ketones?
Oh, whenever I feel like it :)  Or when she wakes up over 250.  And when she's 300+ for 2 consecutive readings.  Or when she's vomiting.  We use urine ketone strips because our insurance doesn't cover blood ketone strips.

When do you do an unscheduled site change?
If she's over 300 and isn't significantly improved 2 hours later.  She knows she can't have carbs during that 2 hour window so I can measure the effectiveness of the site.

Whats your childs target?
90 - 140...and I'm going to tighten it to 120...just had to work up the guts.  Thanks to my fellow D Mamas and the DOC, I'm feeling courageous enough to make that move over Christmas break!!!

What was your childs last A1C?
7.2 -- but it was over 8 for the first 3 years after her DON'T beat yourself up if your kiddo isn't in the 7's....PINKY PROMISE, okay????

What kind of strips do you use?
She wears the Ping, so that means we're using One Touch strips.  Not a big fan...far too many "strip errors" for my liking.  That being said, our co-pay is less expensive because these aren't considered the "3rd Tier" of our prescription plan.

Which do you prefer?
We used Freestyle meter/strips previously and LOVED them.  They were worth the extra co-pay cash for a coveted "3rd Tier" medication.

What kind of Peanut Butter do you use?
The kind on sale :)  

We keep 2 jars in the pantry -- one marked "gluten free" to be used only with gluten free bread.  Same goes for having 2 margarine tubs, 2 mayos, 2 jams/jellies, 2 of everything you'd stick a knife into. Bread crumbs in the container contaminates the food with gluten.  Speaking of which, we also have 2 toasters.

Do you allow juice when not low?
Sometimes.  And a regular soda too...**GASP**...I KNOW!!!!  As long as it's in a can so I can dose accurately.  I'm never sure with fountain drinks.  I really don't see it as being any different than an occasional candy treat.  A sweet treat is a sweet treat!

Do you still check your child at night?
Yup.  She typically doesn't eat anything after 8 pm, so I check her around 10 to correct her, if needed.  Then I check again at midnight.  Then again between 2 - 3 am.  Sometimes The Hubs checks her on his way out the door around 5.  She's up for the day at 7.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

What is your rule on sweets?
Have at 'em.  As long as you ask me first AND your blood sugar isn't over 250.  AND you must have eaten at least half of your previous meal.  And that's only if you can find them in the house....since they aren't around here all the time, there isn't always a sweet treat to be had.

Regular pasta or whole wheat?
GLUTEN FREE BABY!!!!  Our favorite brands are Ancient Harvest (Quinoa) and Tinkyada (Rice) 

What about veggies and fruits?
We eat one or the other with every meal and in between for snacks too.  They're mandatory, and no one around here minds it.

On that note, I do have a rule about not eating what I've prepared.  Either you eat what I cook, or you eat oatmeal.  I don't care what time of day it is or what meal you're refusing.  Period.  I'm not a short order cook, people.  Eat it or don't.  But you know the rule.

White bread or whole wheat?
Udi's Gluten Free (It's the best GF option out there!  Check out my previous review for some pictures of the deliciousness...)  My girls only eat half sandwiches -- even Sugar with the smaller GF slices. That's how we roll.

Do you use glucose tabs?
Ew.  Not me!  Sugar likes the white ones (coconut-tropical-whatever).  I really wish SOMEONE would make a bottle of JUST the white ones!!!!!!!!

What do you use to treat lows?
Under 70 -- Juice, sometimes 2 if she's in the 40's - 50's and uber symptomatic
70 - 100 -- 2 Starbursts

More Starbursts as needed (4c each)

Sometimes she's completely ravenous so I just let her eat to her heart's content once I have confirmation that her number is over 90. Then I just enter the TOTAL carbs (including carbs to cover a low)...the pump will subtract the carb amount that doesn't need coverage.  It's a beautiful thing :)

We also carry white Cake Mate gel to rub into her gums during severe lows...and we have had to use it.  Additionally, Glucagon goes everywhere she goes.

What does your child use to hold their pump/cgm?
Tallygear Tummietote
Pump Wear's Zipps

With that, I'm off to bed.
But not before I share these pictures of my Rockstar family playing on the lawn before 
church service last weekend.

Sugar, 7 years....dx T1D 2005, age 24 months...Celiac 2008, age 5 years

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  1. I love seeing photos of the family..looks like a beautiful day there! We just tightened Addison's range for the morning to 80-100. Rest of the day is 80-120. NIght is 80-140. Small steps friend!!

  2. Adorable pics! And Im soooo glad I read this now. Youll see why later ;)

  3. We just tightened Lovebug's range too. She is 80-120 during the day and 100-180 at night.

    The pics are adorable!!


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