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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wendy the Pseudo-Pancreas SCORES Twice!


Guess what.

I had the pleasure of being a PSEUDO-PANCREAS for a couple extra kiddos last week :)

First up was The Superhero.  

We hung out while his sister was at the hospital having some tests done.  
We played and had lunch with a bunch of friends in the morning.
Then we took Tiara and Tink to school before going to the park.
After coming home, we played outside some more....
because the desert weather is SO NICE right now!
By the way, he totally ROCKED IT on the pink scooter and princess bike.

He had a great time when it was time to head back up to the school for pick up.
I always have an extra dozen or so kids to grab.
He fit right in :)

And, then there's our little pillow tradition.
He stuck everyone's treat under the pillows for me.

Aunt Wendy HAD to spoil him, you know...
(your welcome, The Superhero's Mommy and Daddy!)

SCORE with the GF LABEL!
Gold Star for the PEZ people.

The Superhero's numbers did great all day.
I took him to the Health Office to meet our School Nurse.
I wanted to show him off since he's so cute.
She hadn't ever seen a CGM before and thought it was pretty cool :)

On Saturday, we had a slumber party with the girls from 

First we met up at church for an amazing worship service.
After last week's tragedy, I was pretty sure I'd fall apart.
And I did.
It was good to worship alongside some wonderful friends and another D Family.
I needed that.

After service we stood around the church soccer fields for the 
7th & 8th Grader's annual GLOW Event.
There was a helicopter that dropped 40,000 glow sticks from the sky!!!
Then the 7th and 8th Graders ran around the field picking them up.
Some of them were tagged to win some pretty awesome prizes.  
It looked like a crazy light show in the pitch black 
with all the glow sticks moving around the field.
The kids had a GREAT time....and so did the adults :)

We got home pretty late, but that didn't stop the party!
Bumble Bee and Sugar both have celiac in addition to type 1 diabetes.
Jay and I divvied out some snacks for everyone and then put on a movie.

Slumber parties are rare treats for these two girls.
They were pretty excited :)

And, you know, it wouldn't be a party without some PARTY CRASHERS!
I went to lay down with Tink around 11 pm.
I guess it was sometime between 12:30 - 1 am that Mr. Rose came to tell me 
he heard Bumble Bee beep.
(Yeah...pumping-CGM-wearing-D-Kiddos BEEP.  Sometimes alot.)

I found her fast asleep on the top bunk.
Three girls were still wide awake and giggling in the bottom bunk.
Around this time Sugar announced that she felt low.

Mr. Rose and I had to divide and conquer.
He took care of Sugar.
I took on Bumble Bee.

BB...80ish -- half a juice box.
Sugar...60ish -- whole juice box.


BB...60ish -- whole juice box.
Sugar...50's -- another whole juice box.


In all, we went through 4 juice boxes and 2 packs of fruit snacks....

Sugar finally jumped up to 180 and actually needed a hefty correction 2 hours later, despite getting some insulin for part of the juice/fruit snacks once she was over 100.

BUMBLE BEE, on the other hand, skimmed 100 by a hair.
So I decided she needed a 50% temp basal reduction for an hour.
Mind you, I tinkered with the MM pump back when we were making our pump choice, 
but I've never actually operated a **LIVE** MM pump before.
Let alone half asleep, in the dark, on the TOP bunk, in the middle of a slumber party.
But I figured that sucker out pretty quickly.
By the way, KUDOS to MM for making the menu so easy to navigate.

I kept close tabs on everyone through the night.

And then morning came.

I don't care what you say.

After a night like's FLAT OUT HALLOWEEN FREAKY
that they were BOTH exactly 100 before breakfast!
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  1. OMGoodness...the vision of you on the top bunk, in the dark, in the middle of the night, manning the MM for the first time had me in stitches Wendy! Good for you! I am sure BB and Super Heroes parents were so thankful to leave their children under your watchful eye. You are the best!

  2. Wow! You are a super pseudo-pancreas! Awesome job, Wendy! Sounds like all the kids had a blast under you careful watch!

  3. This was the very first time since D came into our lives that I have left Bumble Bee anywhere overnight and I have to tell you, I didn't worry AT ALL. I knew she was in good hands the whole time and I slept GREAT!!! You are SO awesome Wendy! Scott and I can't thank you enough for watching the girls for us. We haven't had a date in over 2 years and we had a great time!!! The girls keep asking when they can go back! lol Thank you again SO much for this. You were awesome dealing with Dx2!!!

  4. I laughed the whole way through, only because my boys sleep on bunk beds, and your night sounded an awful like my nights around here! LOL! But both waking up 100?? That is amazingly awesome. Great job Mrs. Candy Hearts. Your service to these families was a blessing for sure. :)

  5. AWESOME! YOU ARE AWESOME! I giggled throughout the post - - - but laughed out loud thinking about the bunk beds, the lows and you 1/2 asleep. You go girl. You rocked it.
    I'm coming to AZ for vaca!! XOXOX

  6. Wow. Just Wow. I :snort: laughed at the photo of the 'after party' remains. You are a Rockstar Pancreas!!!!!!

    Oh, and the 100's for both? A gift from the diabtes fairy ...... akin to a pat on the back ;)

  7. Way to go! How fun to have D kiddos over for a sleep over. Good job, Super mom!

  8. That is TREMENDOUS! What a treat for them to be able to have a slumber party! ROCK ON!


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