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Monday, October 18, 2010


Have I ever mentioned that Mondays are hard days for me?

Because they are.

I work until midnight (or later) on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.  Once Monday rolls around, it's REALLY hard to get out of bed.

This past weekend, Mr. Rose was out of town.  He left Thursday and came home Sunday.  He's my partner in crime, people.  I can manage this place from dawn til dusk, but I **NEED** him to come home at the end of the day to make everything right.  The girls start asking for soon as they wake up.  Poor Sugar had a HORRIBLE time missing her daddy this past weekend....which meant I had a HORRIBLE time dealing with her emotions.  The other two had some random meltdowns, but nothing a good cuddle on the couch couldn't fix.  Oh, and the dog.  Yes.  The dog.  There's nothing quite like 3 wailing daughters, 1 bored dog, and a tired mom after a weekend roller coaster sugar ride.  It's quite a mix.

So ANYway, as I was saying....I hate Mondays.

I was dreading TODAY in particular, knowing that I would be extra tired when it was time to get up for school.  But I had a plan.  I've been going to the gym EVERY day since school started.   Making this time for myself has become something I need day in and day out. After a workout, I find that I feel so much better about the day ahead.

I knew if I could just get us out of the house, I could make it to the gym.

Except we woke up 30 minutes late.

Then we weren't moving in the same direction.

Rush.  Rush.  RUSH!!!!

I finally conceded and drove 1 fully dressed child and 2 partially clad kids through the drop off line.  I figured we could get home and get right back into the van as soon as they finished donning something...ANYTHING.

And then I remembered that Sugar's pump woke me up around 2 AM to let me know that the insulin was getting low.

Great.  She'd never make it to the end of the day.

Which meant I wasn't going to make it to the gym.

And she needed her lunch packed.

With a quick attitude adjustment, I decided we could head to the park on the corner and I'd walk the dog around the track instead.

Weigh, measure, write lunch note, into the van, off to school, fill pump, kiss the park.

One lap.

Two laps.

Three laps.

"MOM!!!!  I HAVE TO GO POTTY!!!!!"


(I was aiming for 6 laps.  I have no idea how far that is, btw.)

I dunno.

I just felt like my day was derailed from the get go.

But I'm back on track now :)
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  1. Mondays are tough for me too Wendy, and I don't even have all that you have going on here. Great job getting the dog out for a walk...if it was a standard track, it would be a mile and a half for 6 laps!!! WOOT.

    I hope today is better and that you get in your workout time.

  2. Big hugs, Wendy! It's so hard to balance everything sometimes. But even the littlest amount of exercise helps! 3 laps is still a victory!

  3. Those days are the worst! And I don't even do half as much as you!

    Well, at least you got 3 laps in....more than I'm doing. At this point I just watch myself grow! LOL!

    When Mr. Man gets home, all will be well....hold on! Have a good rest of the week Wendy. Superwoman Wendy that is! :)

  4. 3 laps is better than nothing. Great job continuing in your efforts to stay healthy and active!

  5. Glad you're back on track! Seems like everything happens at once, doesn't it?! Good for you for working out every day. I just have a goal to get there 3 times a week and haven't even been hitting that lately.

  6. Feeling tired and derailed is part of maturity and the life of being a mother. Feel proud that you survied, and recognise and accept that this day will come again. The word to focus on is SURVIVE. You did and will again. I am proud of you.

  7. Mondays have a way of kicking our butts. Three kids and T1 child have a way of doing that too. But you have gotten back on the horse and that is what matters! Here is to a better day!

  8. I can SO relate!! Such is the life of a busy D mama! Glad you're back on track now and hope you're having a better day today! :)

  9. I admire your motivation....I need some. Wanna share? :)

  10. Wendy,
    You stopped by my place (barren that it is) and left a wonderfully supportive note. I simply cannot thank you enough for taking the time to reach out and give such support. I have been thinking about returning to my quiet place ... my blog .... and your words have started the ball rolling.

    And, good for you for getting out there and exercising!!!! Even if only for a couple of laps. Sometimes the effort is just as good for our mind, body and spirits.

    God Bless, Wendy

  11. Good for you for finding a way to get a walk in there... I would have come home and taken a nap :)

  12. Those days sound SO incredibly familiar. lol

    Glad you got at least 3 laps in. That's 3 more than I am getting these days!


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