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Friday, September 24, 2010

Sugar Bolus and Blogger Basal


You thought I wasn't going to make it, didn't you?  I have no idea what the next few days will bring, but you can bet Candy Hearts will have a blog post before midnight!!!!  Day 24 of NaBloPoMo....can I get a HIGH FIVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Honestly, I meant to post sooner.  I kind of had a lazy morning....I actually sat at the table to enjoy my breakfast instead of shoving something in my mouth while rushing out the door to get Sugar to school and myself to the gym.  I did make it to the gym, thankyouverymuch -- an hour after usual, but I was there nonetheless!

After a quick stop at the grocery store followed by a long shower, Mr. Rose sent me off for a pedicure.  Love that man.  Seriously.  And this wasn't just ANY pedi, my friends -- it was a DELUXE!  Sugar scrub, hot stone massage, paraffin wax....THE WORKS!!!!  I toted along my Bible and the latest issue of Gluten-Free and salad for dinner, then into the office for my Friday night shift. (And it's been busy!  Sick kid season is kicking out world!)

Suffice to say I haven't spent much time online today....hence a blog post at the 11th hour on Day 24....

ANYWAY, enough about my day.

princessbutton2What I REALLY wanted to share with you is that HALLIE is hosting a SUGAR BOLUS!!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!!  All these give aways are SO MUCH FUN :)  No, I'm not going to tell you what it'll have to scoot over there and get yourself entered!!!!!

D TalesAs if that's not enough, today Heidi posted the September 2010 edition of BLOGGER BASALWhat's Blogger Basal, you ask?  Well....just go check out Heidi's post, because it's pretty neat!  Then YOU will have to start thinking about what post YOU would like to submit for October :)

Okay, friends.  I can check this off my list now.

My pretty toes and I have an hour left in this shift and then we're off to bed.

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  1. YIPPEE for pretty toes! Mr. Rose sounds pretty darn terrific Wendy!

  2. WOW 1st Misty then Reyna and now you spreading the love to the D men :) Well maybe I'll clean my house today so my husband comes home to a nice clean house..what a great feeling that will be...for him!

    Wendy I'm so glade that you had what sounds to be quiet a wonderful day :) you deserve it xoxo

  3. Your day sounds so wonderful! Well, sans the work and sick season. My boys are feeling the brunt of said season. J had an awful sinus cold all week...B has an awful soar throat, and L got over his stuffy nose last week. :( Tis the season!

  4. Sending you a HIGH FIVE!!! You are doing a great job on the NaBloPoMo (never thought I'd get those letters right did you?? - I owe you gals for that!!) Seriously, I'm proud of you!!


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