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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still Little....Yet So Grown....

Mr. Rose and I are taking a 12 week class at church.  Our usual sitter (who, by the way, has both T1 and Celiac herself) wasn't available, but another very sweet girl from our community was.

When making the final decision about proceeding with the class, I asked Sugar how she felt about it.  We agreed that timing dinner to end around the time we leave, followed by a snack about 90 minutes later should work well and alleviate anxiety.  (Did you catch that...we AGREED -- as in...she was an active participant in this decision.)


Sugar felt confident that she would be able to check her own blood sugar and operate her pump, but asked that I make sure the new babysitter understands how to double check that she's entering the correct number of carbs and dose of insulin before she pushes "GO" to deliver the insulin.  (Did I mention that she's SEVEN?)  We also agreed that she would only get pre-bolused for half her dinner, just in case she didn't feel like finishing.


We asked Sugar to check her number before her snack.  Being only about 90 minutes after finishing dinner AND not receiving a full pre-bolus, we expect a high number.  But - ehum, and Sugar agrees - it's important to check JUST IN CASE there could be an impending low in the hour left before we arrive home.


Sugar and her sitter agree to call for anything over 300 and under 100.


Game On.

Halfway through the class tonight, Mr. Rose got a call from home.  He silenced it and quickly moved out of the area to return the call and handle whatever was happening.

On the way home, he checked his message.....and this is what we heard....

By the way, she was saying that there was "No way to deliver" because the insulin on board (IOB) feature would not allow a correction.  

Using her current blood sugar, the amount of active insulin circulating from her dinner bolus (IOB), and her target range...
Her insulin pump determined that 
a correction would not be necessary.

 And it was right.
She was 160 and sound asleep when we got home 
about an hour later. 
**WE KNOW** not to correct 90 minutes after a meal.
But she's SEVEN.  
All she knows is that 300 usually needs a correction.

I'm not sure I would be brave enough 
to leave a 7 year old in charge of this stuff 
without that IOB feature....
Had her pump not known the IOB still circulating from her dinner bolus
and allowed a correction to be delivered,
we could have come home to a much different scenario.

I can't even go there. 
So I won't.

It seems like just yesterday her hair was wound in tight little curls.
A cute little bow always kept it out of her eyes...
and she smelled like baby lotion all the time.

When did this happen?  When did she grow up? 

Postscript:  Both Animas and Medtronic pumps keep track of active insulin (IOB) from carb boluses.  Omnipod does not.
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  1. WOW! We need to get her and Joe together! They would be 2 peas in a pod. Gosh, I love this. Thanks for posting Wendy.

    P.S. Joe just came up to me and wanted to know who was talking on the computer...I told him all about Sugar. (smiles)

  2. They grow up so fast, don't they! Lovebug is already showing signs she wants to do a few things herself. I stop her sometimes though, I don't want her to have to handle D herself any longer then she has too. I hate that our D-kids have to grow up so soon, but they are stronger for it.

  3. Amazing! Just as I always thought she was and is. Tell her I love her so much.

  4. Your little girl is growing up!!! Be proud, mama!!! Be proud!!!! :)

  5. WOW! Such a big girl, youre doing good mama!! That independence will get her far!

    I was just thinking the same thing as Heather our kids are forced to grow up so fast.

  6. They are little smarties, our T1's. I, like you, am amazed every day at their ability to handle what life/diabetes throws at them!

    Love IOB.

  7. Isn't it amazing how big they are?
    Kinda scary right??

  8. Our T1 kids and their siblings know more than most adults do about diabetes and how to take care of themselves. Makes them grow up fast.

  9. Wow! What an awesome little girl! Time flies...

  10. Ohhhh! I loved hearing Sugar's voice. Such a sweetie. And a smart cookie too! Makes you sad and proud all at the same time. I'm with you on the IOB feature (ours is called "active insulin" on the MM pump).

  11. It's incredible and somewhat sad, too. One of those things where you wonder how it might be different...but she is darn cute!


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