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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Hard Truth About Our S and S Meatballs.

While on the stair-stepper-climber-thing (that I affectionately refer to as the ORANGE BEAST) yesterday, I was watching Paula Deen.  Paula and I are becoming good friends now that I'm on the orange beast at the same time every morning.  Anyway, she was making these sweet and sour my sweaty stupor, I decided that I had enough of the ingredients on hand and had to make them (almost) immediately.

Immediately meaning for tonight's dinner.  Because, sometimes, I feel like the best I can do to accommodate "immediately" in my world equates to about a 24 - 36 hour window after the fact.

First of all, I've never made meatballs before....let alone gluten free ones.  Paula used frozen ones, but 1) I've never seen frozen GF meatballs, 2) I like turkey and he likes beef, and 3)  We don't eat meatballs enough to keep a bag of frozen ones in the freezer.

So BEFORE I could get to Paula's yummy recipe I had to made these first. They were much easier than I expected, but it also meant I had to squeeze in the extra time to an already busy day.  Oh, well.

After all that effort, I was ready to make my sweet and sour sauce....the main ingredient being ketchup.....and.....we didn't have any.


Fortunately, my neighbor had a bottle she didn't need.

And this is when everything went downhill.

Sugar and her pal were in the middle of a playdate.  My neighbor's house isn't far...I figured they should be able to walk up the hill together without much fanfare.

About 10 minutes went by and my neighbor called to ask if they were on their way.

PANIC!!!!!!  I grabbed the other two - who were also in the middle of a playdate - threw everyone in the van and set off hollering their names out the window.  I figured my neighbor was outside looking for them on her end of the neighborhood, so I decided to navigate the other end.

I turned 2 corners without a single sighting.  When I rounded the third corner, I saw them. Just skipping along, having a grand old time.

I was furious.  I can't even begin to describe the rage in the pit of my stomach.  There was NO REASON for Sugar to take the long route.  When we venture to this neighbor's house, we NEVER go that way.


I gathered them up, thanked my neighbor for her ketchup and went home.  The playdate was over, Sugar was grounded, and I still had to finish dinner.

This is when Tiara dropped a ceramic plate while unloading the dishwasher.  Nice.

No ingredients.
Lost kids.
Shattered plate.

About 15 minutes after the lost child catastrophe, Sugar felt low....70....the insulin she got 90 minutes previous was now peaking....

Ya know, worrying that a stranger would snatch up your beautiful daughter right off her neighborhood street is a nightmare.

Worrying that your beautiful DIABETIC daughter would be snatched adds an entirely different element.

And then there's the fact that she was out there without her the heat....walking uphill.

The WHAT IFS are endless.

ANYWAY, the meatballs are in the oven.  And they smell REALLY good.

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  1. Hope it is a yummy dinner that everyone enjoys!! At least that will make up for everything else, right?

  2. Well first of all, God bless a meatball! I heart me some meatballs and make them about once a month. I have a couple good stand by recipes that satisfy my meatball cravings--esp now that my 1st trimester meat aversion has passed. :-)

    Second of all--Oh my scary!!! That is one of my biggest fears...losing one of my kids and when you add T1 in the mix...well I can't even think about it without welling up with tears. I think I would have reacted just as you did!!

    Third--Plates can be replaced. Kids can't Don't sweat the small stuff which I know you already are great at!!


  3. Sounds great
    And good to know it's not just me who has this horrible idea of what-if's that run through my mind one of the worst being Isaac kidnapped without any d supplies and just know, absolutely terrifies me.
    Glad she's okay and nothing broke but a plate.

  4. Good Grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That's all I got. Good Grief Girl!! XOXOXOX

  5. I can feel the panic as you were jumping in the car. Who knows why kids do the things they do? But tonight, when you check your cuties blood sugar in the wee hours of the morning, and see the beautiful sleeping faces of your daughters, all the knots will melt away. ((HUGS)) These are the days of Moms lives. :)

  6. Oh, big hugs, Wendy! I think we all have those awful "what ifs" floating around in our heads, ready to pop out and scare us half to death if given the chance! I hope the rest of the night was good and you got a good cuddle in with Sugar when you went in to test her!

  7. As you can only imagine...with my stories of "crazy JOE" I have "lost" him a few times. I once lost him in a huge park during baseball season. He was 4 and running around with "D" on an isulin pump. I.WAS.FREAKING. I searched high and low...people were helping me. People were running through the park...helping me. This made me feel even MORE panicky. Well...I look over to the bathroom area and out comes Joe with his pants around his ankles. He needed help buttoning them. The kid just needed to take a leak. He was so independent at an early age he always just "took care of business" and didn't always let me know. I have no idea how I haven't stroked out by now.

  8. I agree, one of my BIGGEST fears!!! So glad that it worked out okay! I hope the meatballs turned out great! They sound yummy!

  9. I'm glad it all worked out okay and I can't wait to hear how the meatballs were! I wonder if that recipe would work in a crockpot.

  10. I hope they were good after al that!
    I hate it when my kids take to long doing something... that is a feeling I NEVER want to have.

  11. D just changes everything doesn't it? Glad you found her safe and sound and happy.

    Hope those meatballs turned out tasty!


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