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Friday, August 13, 2010

School (Problem) Resolutions

As promised :)

Here's the answers I came up with to resolve some of the school issues I mentioned the other day.

1)     I replaced those little fruit bowls with my own version.  Instead of buying the pricey individual cups of fruit, I bought a little box of snack sized resealable plastic bags and larger cans of less expensive fruit.  Then I weighed  out a serving according to the label, threw a spoon in the lunch box, and *wiping hands* fruit cup dilemma -- SOLVED (check.)

2)     On the rare occasion I did offer a fruit cup, I'd send her with a pouch type drink...but I wasn't quite this crafty. I'd open the seal a tad bit, and then cover it with foil and place it in a sandwich bag.  When she sat down to eat, she's use her little straw and drink the juice before using opening the fruit herself using my little starter spot.  (check.)

3)     A typical lunch consists of half a sandwich (using Udi's GF bread -- it's seriously THE BEST!!!), a serving of fruit, and either chips/pretzels or a cookie (or, sometimes, both!).  She usually buys a milk.  I don't deviate much from that plan.  It's pretty much the same amount of carbs every day BECAUSE I've learned how much is too much and how much is not enough. (check.)

4)     NO BIKE FOR YOU!  (Yet - check.)

5)     BIRTHDAYS.....plaster smile on face....yeah.  Nah, we have a good system worked out.  I make a batch of gluten free cupcakes and frost them.  Then I freeze them in a single layer, before putting them in a big ziplock bag.  I make each one about 25 carbs each (all using my glorious guessing skills, btw).  We store them in the freezer in the Health Office.  If a party comes up last minute (or not) we're ready.  BRING IT.  Just remove one from the freezer bag 15 minutes ahead of time and it will defrost with all the icing intact.  Intact icing = no carb loss :)  (check.)

6)     Okay.  I compromised.  She couldn't ride the bus TO school, but I let her ride it home.  She was on the first stop, so it was a quick 5 minute drive.  I made sure to have some Starbursts in the front pocket of her backpack, so she could access them if she needed to.   I know it was only 5 minutes, but I got her off that bus with a low number more than once!  Now she wants to ride her bike.  See #4 for details.

Alright, friends!  I'm off to bed you see the time?  What, pray tell, would anyone be awake at THIS hour for.......
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  1. Thanks Wendy! Any help I can get with school stuff is greatly appreciated. I am having pre-pump insomnia, that is why I am awake at this hour. =)

  2. Loved the previous post and then all the solutions. I will never look at a fruit cup the same...and I could just see the applesauce splatting next to Ivy (lucky dog).

    Thanks for, as always, letting me know I am not alone. The packing lunches with the hope Joe will eat everything is not always easy. Like you said just enough food, not too much...otherwise, we are always "making up" carbs in the Health Office.

    Have a great day!!!


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