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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Morning Announcements

Is it still morning?  I think so.

When dropping Sugar off at school this morning, I heard the 1st bell as I was driving away.  Then someone came on the loudspeaker and made some sort of an announcement to staff.

And that's when I realized that today is the end of August.

Meaning TOMORROW is the beginning of September.

1)  September is a big month for Candy Hearts.  You see, starting tomorrow, I will have officially lost my mind.  I've taken on a might be a struggle at times! I'm participating in National Blog Posting Month -- AKA -- NaBloPoMo. Basically this means I'll be blogging EVERY DAY - regardless of weather, holidays, illness, whatever.  EV.ER.Y. DAY!!!!  I'm excited about it....but I'm nervous about where this adventure could lead.

Sometimes my Candy Heart can get deep -- touch places I rarely visit -- resign to emotions that sit in the back of my world, better left alone.  I'm not afraid to tackle "those" subjects -- you know...stuff like JESUS, breastfeeding, and why I love Sugar's insulin pump.  Sometimes I'm sassy.  Sometimes I'm feisty.  Sometimes I'm downright confrontational.  Still, other times, I'm just a plain jane, run-of-the-mill, nothin' fancy kind of girl.

You never know what you're going to get.  Just ask Mr. Rose.  We've been married almost 10 years, and I'm pretty sure he still wonders which personality will be waking up beside him every day.  You can love me or hate me.  It's okay...I'll love you anyway :)

I'll be in good company with this challenge.  Beta Buddies, The Superhero and The Princess, and Sweet to the Soul are on board too!  Anyone else?  Last call....September is looming!!!!!

2)   Are you ready for the inaugural Diabetes Art Day?   TOMORROW!!!  September 1, 2010.  I couldn't think of a better way to kick off NaBloPoMo!

3)   D TalesDon't forget to get your URL's ready for participation in September's edition of the Blogger Basal.  Heidi over at D-Tales is accepting your submissions until the 3rd Friday of this month -- which would be (allow me a moment to search the numbers that are already swirling inside my brain) -- FRIDAY, 9/17.    Please send your submissions to  Blogger Basal is a monthly round up of posts compiled into one big summary.  You can check out the 1st edition of Blogger Basal HERE to get an idea of what it looks like.  If you'd like to look ahead to see who is hosting in the upcoming months, feel free to click the tab at the top of this page, or find it HERE.

4)  ButtonThe morning announcements wouldn't be complete without pointing out that HALLIE has the Sugar Bolus baton and is hosting a super fab, way cool, uber fun GIVE AWAY right now!!!!!!!!  Get over there and sign up!  FREE STUFF ROCKS!

5)   Speaking of Hallie's Sugar friends, there are some amazing D Moms who have give aways lined up THROUGH THE END OF SEPTEMBER!  A different prize from a new blog every week!!!!!  If you're interested in doing a give away and would like some help directing traffic to your site, PLEASE drop me a message at

By the way, you can see the calendar of upcoming give aways and pick a date to sign up HERE (the same tab as Blogger Basal.)

6)   Well, I don't think there is a #6.  I have some floors to clean, laundry to fold, bathrooms to scrub, carpets to vacuum, surfaces to dust, piles of stuff to weed through, dinner to make, and kids to pick up from school.  I figure I'd better get as much done today as I can.

Because tomorrow is SEPTEMBER 1st!
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  1. You go girl!! Blogging every day is way too much pressure. I'm still working on showering every day. :)

  2. A daily dose of Candy Hearts for a whole month -- I can't wait!!!

  3. Ha! I didn't know there was a National Blog Posting Month thing going on. I actually just saw that Reyna was going to do it and thought it was a good idea! :) I'm glad though! I will add my blog to the list and register. I just thought it would be a good idea for me, rather then keeping everything bottled up! :)

  4. I cannot wait to see how crazy Sept gets!!! ARGH

  5. You go girl! I opened a page and have yet to start blogging! Hats off to you :o)

  6. I love the morning announcements!!
    September is Nate's 1-year dx month. Could get cRaZy emotional over at Houston!! I'm glad you will be around everyday to lift me up, make me laugh, cry or whatever you feel like doing each day! :)

  7. I am super excited to read your blogs and get to catch up everyday!!

  8. looking forward to reading everyday! :) i'm not a blogger..but I just love reading them!


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