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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Living Words: In LIVEing Memory

12/09: She left that comment in response to a blog I posted about the frustration of getting Sugar's insulin needs tweaked just right, but knowing it was just a matter of time before I would have to start all over.
" might see me in a life preserver on those same waves..."

We rode many waves together, Shamae and I. She was always willing to listen, willing to encourage, and willing to share the muddy water. She didn't care if she got dirty in the process...if one of her friends was floundering in mud, she'd be the first to jump in -- and, before you'd know it -- the two of you would be laughing at the mess.

I've spent the past 3 days pouring over old blog posts and reading every comment of hers that I could find...not only here, but around the dMama Blogosphere...

7/09: The day we switched from Cozmo to the Ping. I realize an insulin pump may not be the most exciting toy for most of the world, but it's big stuff in this house -- and many other homes, too.  She was there for our transition...every step of it. She was excited when I was excited and frustrated when I was frustrated. Because that's what friends do, ya know?

12/09: {Mr. Rose, ehum. Stud.}

She always wanted to do something for others...she always wanted to include others. She had a heart for others, and set an example for the rest of the world in how to treat others. And she did complete that project, btw...

At first we just left comments and then emails; then our Sunday Chats...then we started texting. I hadn't texted much, if at all, prior to Shamae...and, it was because of Shamae, that Mr. Rose had to increase our data plan. True story.

We met for the first time in Vegas. It was an amazing get away. We had SO. MUCH. FUN. We were like school girls, cautiously exploring a new playground. You know the saying "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." We stayed up until 2 am sharing secrets. Secrets we pinky-promised to take to our graves...

I had no idea then.

I had no idea that a little over 3 years later...she'd be gone. Promise kept.

We met again when our family drove from Arizona to Montana, and stopped for lunch in her cute little town. 

(Please forgive the old phone camera. Technology has come a long way!)

Shamae passed away in her sleep on October 20, 2013. My heart is heavy, sad for entire world. The world will never be as bright, because her light is gone.

10-20-09: Simple comments. Simple acknowledgments of others. Four years later, on the exact same date...silence.

11/09: Her words, when I lost a friend to the H1N1 flu virus in 2009.

Today, I want you to see from my words how special Shamae was.

I want you to know how thoughtful she was. How caring she was. How loving, fun, and full of life. I want you to know that she never judged me for things countless others have {i.e. pinky-promised secrets}. I want you to know that she never let an opportunity pass to tell me she was thinking about me. Sometimes she would randomly text me at weird times of the day just to say I had popped into her mind. 

She loved people. All people. She loved people who weren't the same as her. People who lived differently. People who saw the world from a different point of view. 

I know, because I was one of those people.

She loved deeply. She loved honestly. 

I can't believe she's gone.

Yet...I have hundreds -- perhaps THOUSANDS -- of her words written all over my heart. Years worth of words that can't ever be taken away.

Shamae will live on through the words she imparted to those of us who were blessed to know her. 

I miss you, Sham.


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hill Photography
Shamae leaves behind a husband and three young daughters. A memorial fund has been established in her memory. You can learn more about Shamae's legacy by visiting her memorial page.

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  1. So heartbreaking. We were so blessed to have known such a sweet soul. I love all of your pictures. I love your beautiful tribute to Sweet Sham!

  2. Beautiful had such a beautiful friendship. ((HUGS))

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, Wendy. A beautifully written post for a beautiful friend! <3

  4. Love love love this!! I can feel her beauty in every one of those moments that you shared.

  5. Beautiful tribute!!! <3 (((HUGS))) My heart is still so sad!


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